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Discovering the land of the Sultan with Rolling Pandas: Oman

Oman is located at the exit of the Persian Gulf to the far east of the Arabian Peninsula, and is the real revelation destination of recent years in the Middle East. If you haven't left yet and haven't visited it yet, why? What is there to see in Oman? Of all, we will accompany you to discover this land which is still not too well known!


Muscat, the capital

Muscat is the capital of Oman and is the first unavoidable thing to see in Oman, because it is a modern but delicate city, with buildings that as well as throughout Oman follow the canons imposed by the Sultan, standing out for elegance and sobriety in net contrast with sumptuous cities such as Doha, Dubai and other ultramodern cities of the Middle East. The buildings therefore do not exceed in height, they typically have white facades with ocher decorations. The marble floors, fountains and English gardens will welcome you in a clear and pleasant atmosphere.

In muscat you can find and admire various attractions, including the great mosque, perhaps among the main ones to visit throughout Oman, but also in the whole Muslim panorama, if we compare it with other mosques. It is the fourth largest in the world, built on an area of ​​416,000 km2 and is able to accommodate 20000 faithful as a whole. It is the absolute manifestation of Omani elegance and charm. The white of the facades constantly shines, day and night, the structure is surrounded by luxuriant and well-kept gardens meticulously irrigated. Inside, the mosque displays all the charm of marble that shines under the incredible Swarovski chandeliers and also the largest silk carpet in the world. It will be exciting to walk the avenue, which is also lush with flowerbeds on the sides, which will lead you to the Royal Palace, majestic and elegant, admirable, however, only externally.

Walking through the city center you will find yourself in the beautiful souk of Muscat where the scent of incense pervades the environment. You will arrive in the deep Middle East, among typical stalls, spices, typical dishes and local craftsmanship that stands out in the jewels and in the Kanjhars, the ancient daggers in silver and ivory. Impossible not to take something, but go there ready to bargain! Just outside the Souk, you can embark on a pleasant walk along the promenade, immersing yourself in the city life, stopping in the typical bars with a view of the harbor.

Finally, among the things to do in Muscat it is worth mentioning the Royal Opera House, designed as the structure that protects and maintains culture. The glitz of this theater will leave you speechless! And if you want to participate in shows, the ticket also costs € 10. Absolutely an experience to live!

Oman mountain

Tour in the history of Oman

If you love history and ancient works, Oman offers you very interesting itineraries. On the other hand, this country has been crossed by age-old cultures, some of them very relevant. Think of the populations of Babylon, the great Persian Empire and the Ottoman Empire. Many cultures have passed through here, also given its strategic position at the mouth of the Persian Gulf.

An unmissable experience is the tour of the castles and the strong pillars of Omani culture. The most famous is the fort of Bahla, a UNESCO heritage site, but you cannot miss the suggestive and solitary forts of Nukhal and Jabrin, with ocher walls. They are both erected in the midst of majestic palm groves where you can contemplate the silence of these magnificent buildings.

Finally, the fort of Nizwa should be mentioned. The latter is the ancient capital of Oman, and is built all around the fort. It is practically an oasis in the desert and a real leap into Muslim culture. For this reason, special attention is required to costumes. You will see men in the classic dishdasha estate, lots of religiosity and lots of perfumes and spices.

In the mountains of Oman, you can also take a further leap into the past if during an excursion you will have the opportunity to make a pit stop in the millennial laced town of Wadi Ghull, of Persian origin. The whole area is immersed and linked to antiquity.

If you have been fascinated by this land and you are lost to imagine walking and smelling the streets of the Sultan's land, book and leave for your next trip to Oman!