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After Asia, Africa is the world’s largest continent and is home to more than a billion people. With mountains, deserts, beaches and sand dunes, Africa has a mesmerising array of natural landscapes as well as an exciting mix of cultures waiting to be explored. In all, the continent has 54 countries, each with its own fascinating identity. We can imagine that it’s difficult to choose between all of these countries. So below we have compiled a list of Africa’s top three countries to help you on your way as you embark on an African adventure.


1.  Mozambique

Mozambique lies on Africa’s south-eastern coast. Around three times the size of the UK, it has much to offer to tourists. With a long coastline made up of beautiful beaches, as well as coral islands and archipelagos in the north where you can snorkel amongst pristine fish and coral species, Mozambique is home to some of Africa’s most stunning nature. From November to March, heavy rainfalls and intense heat arrive in Mozambique. The best time to visit the country is between May and August, when the climate is cooler. The official language of Mozambique is Portugese, but more than 60 different dialects of Bantu are more commonly spoken.


2.  Tanzania

It’s all about the nature in East Africa’s biggest country. Watch zebras, giraffes, lions and elephants roam freely in Serengeti National Park, or marvel at Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain. Most travellers visit Tanzania between July and September, when the climate is dry and the heat has settled. What’s more, the beautiful tropical island of Zanzibar lies just off the coast of Tanzania, with its white sandy beaches and emerald waters. This is the perfect place for a wilderness adventure.

Tanzania is the kind of place that leaves travellers breathless. More often than not you’ll hear people say “I didn’t expect Tanzania to be that beautiful”.

3.  Morocco

You will never get bored in this fascinating country. Located at the most northern point of Africa, Morocco is less than a four-hour flight from the UK. There is something for everyone here, as each city offers up a uniquely different experience from each other. Marrakech is busy and bustling whilst Chefchaouen (nicknamed ‘The Blue City’ in honour of the vivid blue building of the city’s old town) is more relaxing. Fes is the real authentic heart of Morocco with its spice markets and intricate architecture, and minarets defining the landscape.

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