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If you are travel mad and feel like you have travel experiences and advice to share with our readers, then get in touch! We are always on the lookout for unique, original and helpful guest posts to publish on Holidays Kingdom. Guest bloggers help us broaden our perspective and strengthen our content. If you have a story to tell, travel tips to share, or advice to give, then you are a perfect fit to write a travel guest post for our blog.


How to submit a guest post

The process is simple! Take a look at the posts we have already published to get an idea of the the sort of content we are looking for. We are interested in any content related to travel whether it is about things to do in a specific city or how to save money on holiday in a certain region. The world is your oyster! If oyu have an idea that you are not sure will fit, get in touch and we can see whether we can find a way to make it work.

Once you have your idea, get in touch and explain the concept. We will then be in touch in the next few days to tell you whether we would like to move forward with it. Together we can decide on a publication date and fit your aritcle into our schedule.



  • Minimum 800 words
  • Original Content (this will be verified)
  • 2 photos not covered by copyright (please include source)
  • Must be travel-related

Our favourite articles are about destinations that you yourself have actually visited. This helps us to share more valuable travel content with our readers. Here is a list of accepted guest post topics:

  • "Things to Do" - List of things to do for a destination
  • "What to Eat" - Food and drink recommendations for a destination
  • "Where to Stay" - Accommodation recommendations for a destination
  • Travel planning tips - packing tips, budget travel tips, international travel tips


Author Credit

We will not take credit for your work. Your name will be included at the top of the page together with a short bio about yourself. You may also include a link back to your blog and social media pages.


Blog Collaboration

We are keen to collaborate with as many bloggers as possible to provide high quality content for our readers and improve the standing of our website in search engine rankings. When you collaborate with Holidays Kingdom, we publish your content and you publish ours in return.  

When we swap blog posts, our readers receive higher quality content and we receive more subscribers. This increases our rankings on Google and makes us more visible to potential readers. When you post a guest blog to Holidays Kingdom, all of our readers will see your link and your brand awareness will increase, as well.


Ready to get started?

Submit a guest post to our email at info@holidayskingdom.co.uk. If you are new to guest posting, then send us a few topics and we will choose one that works for our site. If you are unsure about a certain topic, you can email us with your ideas and we will point you in the right direction so that it fits within the Holidays Kingdom brand. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us and ask any questions you may have!