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Visiting Asia is anything you want it to be. From vast mountain landscapes and lush beaches to bustling downtown streets, there is something for every traveller. It offers adventure, sun, rich culture and incredible food. Asia has charmed and excited travellers for decades. We have chosen Asia’s top three highlights below.


1. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a feast for the senses. Its coasts are lined with stunning tropical beaches where whales are often seen swimming in the blue waters. Inland, you can get lost among sacred cities like Kandy, which is said to be home to a tooth relic from the Buddha himself, temples and ancient palaces. Remember to bear in mind that you will need a visa to enter Sri Lanka. Thankfully the visa is not expensive, and the application process can be completed online.


2. India

India ought to be high on every traveller’s bucket list. It offers a kaleidoscope of colours, food and cultures that you’ll remember long after you return home. Be sure to sample the glorious street food, where a hearty serving of curry or dhal will set you back only a couple of pounds. It’s also home to the Taj Mahal of course, one of the Seven Wonders of the world, built by a 17th century Mughal emperor to house the tomb of his favourite wife.


3. Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is Asia’s hidden gem. Rugged natural beauty defines this landlocked country in the centre of Asia, with its untouched mountain landscapes and crystal clear alpine lakes. Rolling pastures are dotted with traditional yurts, where much of the country’s semi-nomadic population still lives. The country is home to more than 80 different ethnic groups, who practice a blend of different religions and speak a variety of Turkic and Slavic languages. What’s more, Kyrgyzstan has the most liberal tourist visa policy of all Asian countries. So get lost at the centre of the world and immerse yourself in this fascinating culture.  


4. Oman

Discover the hidden secrets of this desert wonderland with its fascinating history and culture. More...


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