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5 Ways to Explore the Magical Mallorcan Coast

Mallorca has a truly spectacular coastline. The dramatic crags of the Tramuntana mountains run down to the sea in the north of the island, charming coves dot the Formentor peninsula and in the south wonderful white sand beaches, such as Es Trenc, contrast with the beautifully turquoise Mediterranean. It would be a crime not to make the most of this unique coastline and with the activities below you can ensure you see it at its best!

Magical Mallorca Sunset

#1 Hiking

Mallorca is a paradise for hikers! It has challenging peaks, well signposted paths and stunning views, that make every hike worth the effort. There are many options for walks along the coast suitable for hikers of all levels, but make sure to bring along your walking boots. The Formentor peninsula is a great place to start. It has a great mix of challenging peaks for sublime views out to sea and tranquil coves where you can relax away from the crowds. For unforgettable sea views from the mountains, follow the Dry Stone Route through the Tramuntanas from Port d’Antratx to Pollenca. On the south coast, Mondrago Natural Park is a worth a visit for its rich wildlife and some of the island’s more peaceful coves and beaches. Whichever you choose, make sure to reward yourself with a dip in the turquoise waters of the Med!

#2 Diving

Mallorca is a fabulous place to enjoy diving with some of the best spots in the Mediterranean! Its shallow turquoise waters are crystal clear and perfect for divers of all levels. Exploring beneath the waves is a unique way to experience a different aspect of Mallorca’s beauty and there are plenty of exciting dives to discover. In the Palma Bay you can spot mysterious shipwrecks, in the Badia de Pollenca you will find caves and an array of wildlife along the Formentor peninsula and around the Illa de Sa Dragonera the underwater views will take your breath away. On Mallorca you are also lucky enough to be able to dive without carrying a heavy water tank with PETER Diving at Punta Negra. Instead, you are connected via long air lines to a PETER raft at the surface. The raft contains compressed air tanks and provides you with not only air, but far greater freedom of movement! This unique diving experience is a comfortable way to discover the caves and rich wildlife in the protected inlets around Calviá. Fun for all the family (suitable for children from 8 years and above) and easy to use, PETER Diving will keep you coming back to uncover more of Mallorca’s underwater magic!

PETER DIVING MallorcaPETER Diving Mallorca Copyright www.martincolognoli.com

#3 Sailing

Sailing is an ideal means to explore Mallorca’s magical coastline, giving you the opportunity to experience magnificent views, visit hidden coves and marvel at the island’s wildlife. Mallorca is a wonderful place to sail as there is always something different to see. You have the Tramuntanas to the north, white sand beaches to the south and the charming city of Palma to the south west. If you know how to sail, you can easily charter a boat or if not, there are plenty of group and private tours on offer around the island. Sailing gives you the freedom to explore the island at your own pace, stop to take in the views and snorkel in the sea. You can also combine sailing with fishing and take on the challenge of catching some local fish for your dinner! Some of the best routes include sailing from Palma to the Illa de Cabrera and along the Tramuntana mountain coast from Port de Soller to Port d’Andratx. Sailing is a great way to see the island without the bustle of the crowds on land!

#4 Surfing

It is possible to surf in Mallorca all year round and whether you are a beginner or a pro, there are plenty of exciting spots across the island. Surfing offers a unique perspective of the island’s coastline, even if you are not that good! Although the waves are at their best from September to May, you can surf around Can Picafort to the north for most of the year. It is a wonderful spot with views over the Bay of Pollenca and the Formentor peninsula on the north side and endless white sands of Playa de Muro on the other. If you are looking for some guidance, BonaOna Surf School provide excellent private and group tuition for all levels. Unlike many schools, they will adapt their lessons to your ability, perfect if you already have some experience! Lessons include a wetsuit, all the equipment you could need and insurance. Surfing is a fun activity for all the family, so give it a try and enrich your Mallorcan memories.

Formentera Mallorca

#5 Sea Kayaking

Mallorca’s stunning coastline holds many hidden coves and bays and some of them can only be accessed from the sea. Sea kayaking is a wonderful way to reach these beautiful and remote areas and escape the crowded parts of the island. With the rocking of the waves, the call of marine falcons, cormorants and maybe even wild mountain goats, you can feel you can relax and disconnect from the world. If you are lucky, you might even have the chance to see dolphins! Kayak Excursion Mallorca provide some fantastic tours of the more isolated parts of the island, including the pristine Parc Natural de la Peninsula de Llevant. With qualified and experienced guides, you can experience the hidden beaches below the imposing Ferrutx mountains and gaze through the clear waters at the abundant wildlife. Don’t worry if you are a complete beginner, there is no previous experience required and you can get the hang of it in no time! Tours last 3 hours and even include some time for snorkelling. If you have more experience, there are also day long trips around the island. See parts of the island that many don’t get the chance to experience and relax in Mallorca’s unforgettable nature.

Mallorca is a jewel of the Mediterranean and one that cannot be truly appreciated without experiencing its magical coastline to the fullest. Make sure to embark on at least one of the activities above and make the most of your time on this holiday paradise.