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Cities to Visit in Spain

Barcelona Spain

Barcelona is often mistaken for being Spain’s capital city, perhaps unsurprisingly given its rich cultural importance. La Sagrada Familia is undoubtedly the city’s star, and is also the most visited monument in Spain. Designed by Antoni Gaudi in the 1880s to be a form of atonement for Barcelona’s sins, construction is expected to finally be completed in 2026, exactly 100 years after Gaudi’s death. This means that it took longer to complete than the Egyptian pyramids! Barcelona is also home to Park Güell, a strange, enchanting garden also designed by Gaudi and now listed as a Unesco World Heritage site. What’s more, Barcelona is the perfect blend of city and sea. Located on the northeast coast of Spain, Barcelona’s city centre lies just 10 minutes away from four main beaches, which you can reach via Barcelona’s excellent public transport.

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Seville Spain

Seville won the title of Lonely Planet’s best city to visit in 2018. It is a city steeped in history, one that will win you over with its stunning architecture, jaw dropping churches and quaint, twisting streets. Its Old Town alone – stretching only two square miles – is home to three Unesco World Heritage sites. One of these is Catedral de Santa Maria de la Sede (or, simply, Seville Cathedral), the world’s largest cathedral. You can also visit the Metropol Parasol, the largest wooden structure in the world and wander through the twists and turns of its open-air walkways. Nicknamed ‘the mushrooms’ by the locals due to its smooth, rounded canopies and pale colour, it offers some of the most spectacular views of the city. Whichever hotspots you choose to explore, travellers are welcomed by friendly Sevillian locals who are eager to share the rich traditions of their spectacular city.


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