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Measuring in at just under 100 square kilometres, there is no limit of things to do in Skopelos, Greece. Whether you are looking for natural beauty and sports, or for a cultural immersion, there is something for all on this quaint Greek island in the Aegean Sea. Here we have accrued the highlights for sightseeing, beaches and things to do during your holidays to Skopelos.



The island of Skopelos has been under the control of countless famed empires throughout history. Once an outpost of the Bronze Age Mycenaean Empire, the island went on to be a part of the Kingdom of Macedon, the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Venice. This wide variety of influences on the island can be seen in its architecture and culture.


Visit the Venetian Castle

This 13th century castle can be found amongst the ruins of the ancient city of Peparithos (referred to in Sophocles’ play Philoctetes). This is a fantastic way to spend a day out learning about the history of the island and its role in the Republic of Venice’s impressive trade routes.


Marvel at Pirate Graves

Hiking up the Mt. Karia, you can find ancient graves carved into the rocks. These graves are from pirates that attempted to plunder the island under the leadership of Barbarossa. This short hike will grant you a stunning view of the island and the surrounding sea.


The Church of Agios Ioannis Kastri

Movie buffs will recognize this church for the scenes from the hit movie Mamma Mia. Recreate these scenes yourself, or simply wander the small church perched upon the cliff that it stands. This is often considered one of the highlights of Skopelos holidays.



There are plenty of museums dotted around the island. You can visit the Museum of Cultural Heritage or the Museum of History to discover more about the island’s past. Alternatively, the Folklore Museum will give you the chance to learn about the island’s traditions and legends.



Whether you are looking for small secluded beaches, or organized ones with activities and shops or bars, Skopelos has it all.


Stafilos Beach

Probably the best known beach in Skopelos, this beach provides one of the most picturesque scenes on the island. There is plenty of infrastructure for those looking to enjoy some drinks on the shoreline, or engage in some of the activities available. It does however get busy.


Hovolo Beach

For those looking for a quieter and calmer area, this beach near Elios might be the choice for you. Featuring beautiful water with plenty of life, and in the middle of nature’s greenery, this is the spot to go for nature lovers.


Milia Beach

This may the beach for those looking for a combination of quiet, as well as infrastructure. The white pebbles and pristine waters set against the backdrop of rolling hills covered in forest make it quite picturesque as well.


Agios Ioannis Beach

This beach is situated just below the church of the same name mentioned earlier in the article. Beautiful scenery and sands make it an excellent spot to relax after exploring the church. It does tend to get quite busy.


Loutraki Beach

This is the most popular beach in all of Skopelos. The beach is actually called Glossa, but is regularly known as Loutraki because of the town behind it.


If you are looking to reach some more deserted beaches, or experience the island in a different way, then sea kayaking in Skopelos might be an idea. Read on for more things to do in Skopelos.


Things to do in Skopelos

 There are plenty of things to do in Skopelos. Here we have listed the best of those activities.


Sea Kayaking

As previously mentioned, sea kayaking is a fantastic way to explore the island of Skopelos. Close encounters with the marine wildlife such as seals, turtles and dolphins are possible, as well as the chance to explore parts of the island only accessibly by sea (such as the caves and some beaches).


Go for a Hike up Skopelos’ two Peaks

With two peaks towering over 500 metres above sea level, there is some excellent hiking to be found. Moreover, you can take the opportunity to visit the pirate graves mentioned previously during these hikes.


Join a Yoga Retreat and find your Inner Peace

With such a beautiful island, you can take the opportunity to discover the beauty of the mind. There is a yoga retreat on the island, as well as plenty of great spots to practice yoga all over the island.


Scuba Diving Courses

Learn how to scuba dive at the Skopelos Dive Centre (a PADI certified centre), or if you already have experience, you can go for a guided session in the emerald waters of Skopelos.


Enjoy some Fantastic Food with Beautiful Views

There are several restaurants around the island serving Greek, Mediterranean, and Italian food. All of them feature splendid views and excellent menus.


So that’s our guide to Skopelos. We hope we helped inspire you.